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Scott J. Mulvaney • Producer, Director, Writer, Entrepreneur 

Scott is a skilled Entrepreneur, Writer and third generation Film and Television maker, raised by two entertainment industry families whose work in motion pictures dates back to the heyday of silent films in the 1920’s. He spent his childhood visiting Studio lots, soaking in the wisdom of technicians from every discipline, and enjoyed talking with some of Hollywood’s greatest filmmakers, including Billy Wilder, and Orson Welles, who inspired Scott to pursue a career in Film & Television.

At his alma mater, Cal Arts, Scott became a mentee of Academy Award winning Documentary Filmmaker Terry Sanders; “Night of the Hunter,” “Maya Lin: A Strong Clear Vision,” International Avant Garde filmmaker Don Levy; “Herostratus,” and classic British Director Alexander Mackendrick; “The Ladykillers,” “Sweet Smell of Success,” who instilled in him a deep knowledge of Cinematic Language, Technical Expertise and Visual Storytelling in all genre’s, styles and mediums. During his tenure, Scott assisted Mr. Mackendrick in the development of the cross metier MFA Directing Program, and received valuable faculty support to help establish his nascent career in Production, Screenwriting and Direction.

For over 25 years Scott’s craftsmanship has encompassed dynamic work in every major production discipline, from story development to distribution and content delivery; including groundbreaking initiatives in Online Education with Roy Disney, Program Design & Artificial Intelligence at McGraw-Hill Education, and Content Development at His credits include work on over 40 motion pictures, 5 Network series, music videos, commercials, and documentary specials. He continues to write, develop, and produce Films, TV, and content, while expanding his work on Cinematic Language, Visual Storytelling & Creativity thru innovative Internet projects.

Scott is a also a passionate advocate for Veterans support services, Media literacy, and Arts Education in k-12 schools.

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