B eing a successful human being, in Life, and on the Web, is all about ‘Following your ‘Bliss’ – and your Bliss is what Movieist is all about. If you read the ‘Art of Creativity’ you know that I believe we are living in “The Creative Age:” a dazzling Renaissance (2.0), of technology, self expression and global connectivity that has fundamentally changed the way we create, communicate, and move in the world.

The scope of this virtual utopia is just breathtaking, and brings to mind Issac Asimov’s famous quote, “Any sufficiently advanced Technology is indistinguishable from Magic.” The Web has unpacked the World for us and granted us byte sized superpowers that allow us to go anywhere, be anyone, and do amazing things; but the Internet is still just a collection of tools, we are it’s Makers – It’s Storytellers.

Advancing the Art & Craft of Storytelling is what Movieist is here for. You can have all the tech savvy skills in the world, but if you’re disconnected from the Story, you’re lost; so our goal is to empower you by providing insights, tools and information, and to invite you to join our community of Creative Makers. Movieist is also developing several wildly ‘disruptive’ web projects to give you a frosty set of internet power tools for creating stunning Content, and I’ll be updating you on our progress in upcoming Posts, so stay tuned.

P.S. My favorite Author on all things ‘Net’ is Tim Wu. If you want to deep dive into the virtual realm, I highly recommend these books, especially “The Master Switch” which shows you we got here, because knowing the Story, gives you the power to change the present, and chart the future!


Photo Credit: Clem Onojeghuo

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