The Art of Creativity

W elcome to ‘The Art of Creativity,’ our evolving DIY toolkit of mind hacks and cool concepts designed to boost your Imagination and hone your Creative instincts.

Creativity is an infinite bucket of Fun; a Crackling Thunderbolt of a word that we associate with famous Artistic Types, but tend to deny when we think of ourselves. Many of us have had our ‘Creative Identity’ pounded out of us by ‘Crabby’ perfectionists who think that artistic & financial success are the only benchmarks to measure whether you’re Creative or not. But I’ve got news for them: There are NO Metrics to measure Creativity, because it is the essential  ground of our ‘being’ – in other words, Creativity is what makes us beautifully and infinitely, human.

‘The Art of Creativity’ is really ‘The Art of Living.’ It is the Joybringer, the divine spark hidden in everything you think, feel and do, and a way to move in the world with power, grace and passion.

With this statement in mind, we’ll explore what ‘The Art of Creativity’ is; how it works in our lives; and why it’s essential to living a magnificent life. Check out any Social Network and you’ll see the Information Age’s version of The Renaissance blossom in every Post, Tweet, Pin, and Instagram. I don’t know about you, but I’d rename this era: ‘The Age of Creativity.’

Here are your ‘hot links’ to our current Posts, including the Site Premier: Your ‘Creative Gravity’ – and how to hack it! Please read it first, it sets the stage for what follows!

Your Creative Gravity and how to hack it!Your ‘Creative Gravity’ – and how to hack it! – is the first post in our Creativity Series; with a fresh take on Gravatronic Concepts to expand your Imagination, and Seven amazing mind ‘Tweaks’ to turbocharge your Creative Engine and get your Idea Geek on.

Writer's toolkit

The Ultimate Writer’s* Toolkit – Chapter One  is the second post in our Creativity Series; it focuses on Writing (Scribbling), and gives you Seven Essential Tools designed to help Scribblers, Artists, and Creators of every stripe to refine their ‘Voices,’ and discover Story Nirvana .

Anatomy of a 'Creative' - Chapter One

Anatomy of a ‘Creative’ – Chapter One is the Third Post in our Creativity Series; it follows the opening chapter of my origin story as a Film & Television maker, and outlines Imaginative ‘Anatomical’ tools to increase your connection to the World of ‘Resonant Bliss.’ It also includes a mind-bending compass to help you establish solid bearings on your unique Creative Journey.

Your ‘Fierce Perception – An Owner’s Manual – is the Fourth Post in our Creativity Series;  Your ‘Fierce’ Perception (FP) is the Courageous, ‘Perceptual Engine’ of your Untamed Consciousness, and it’s the single most important tool in your Creative kit. This Post will reveal it’s Imaginative superpowers; explore the amazing impact FP has on your Life & Creativity; explain how it works; and give you tools to boost your Perceptual Ferocity.


Action = Your Creativity in Motion – is the Fifth Post in our Creativity Series; ‘Action’ is Your uniquely active Creative contribution to Yourself, the World, and all the people, places, beings and things that you interact with. This Post explores the connection between Creativity; Your ‘Fierce’ Perception, Ideas & Action; and then provides a DIY to create Action Maps designed to help you chart a path to ‘Actioneering’ greatness.

The Ultimate Writer’s* Toolkit – Chapter Two  Expands your Scribbler’s Toolkit by exploring how Ego and Presence impact Creativity, Character and Story Development; and lays out a set of Dynamic Tools that use ‘Presence and Awareness’ to Transform the Volatile Power of Ego into ‘Deep Storytelling.’ Like Chapter One, this Post is designed to help Scribblers, Artists, and Creators sharpen their Imagineering Skills to create Amazing Work, and find more Joy in their lives.

Creative Gravity 2

Creative Gravity 2 – Fearless Imagination Unleashed  Fearless Imagination is a Power Tool designed to help you ‘See’ beyond your ‘Learned’ experience of a Person, Place or Thing and ‘Know’ it for the First Time; Revealing it’s Core Structural Essence, and inspiring you to use that knowledge to create a dazzling new Reality. To put it Simply: “Fierce Perception + Fearless Imagination = Ideas; Ideas + Creative Action = New Reality.

Show Me The Love! – Love is the Connected web of Conscious Energy that drives Everything, and we are the Creative, Imaginal, Enlightened Expression of it’s Joy. This Post explores the ‘How & Why’ of our Energetic Lives; the pitfalls of ignoring our internal guidance systems; and how to fully engage with your Purpose by using your Energetic Assets to boost your Internal & External Connectivity, and increase your Creative output & Joy.

Anatomy of a ‘Creative’ – Chapter Two – In Chapter One we established that Everybody is a ‘Creative,’ and that Creativity works through us to Power Everything we Are and Do. In Chapter Two: Your ‘Creative’ Legs: What you ‘Stand on’; ‘Stand for,’ we explore the strength of your ‘Standing’ and show you how ‘Choosing to Stand,’ sets the wheels of Creativity in motion to make Everyday Magic happen.

Be Magnificently Simple – Magnificent Simplicity’ is the awe inspiring Creative Framework of our Existence, and my peaceful battlecry, ‘Be Simple,’ is the most important ‘two word’ path to power that I can share with you. The ‘Be’ is Being: Your essential ground of existence; and ‘Simple’ is the process of staying Connected to that ‘Being,’ so to Be Magnificently Simple – is to Simply, Be. So join us as we Explore ‘Simplicity,’ ‘Being,’ and provide you with six east steps to Magnificence! 

Postscript: I’m a big fan of Professor Elaine Pagels’ groundbreaking work Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas, where you’ll find: “If you bring forth what is within you, what you will bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.” Pagels found that “…it does not tell us what to believe but challenges us to discover what lies hidden within ourselves…” If we strip all the religious meaning from it, we clearly see the spiritual framework of Being & Creativity laid bare: ‘Belief’ is they key – you’re inherent Creativity is always there, hidden in every breath you take. You lived it as a Child (before it was conditioned out of you), and you can re-discover it through your Belief in Creativity, and your right to be Creative.

Photo Credit:  Clem Onojeghuo

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