O ur Film section is a moveable feast of Cinematic wit and wisdom designed to help you get ‘Get your Movie on!’ We’ll explore the medium from Script to Screen, sharing juicy stories and passionate insights on Filmmaking, the power of Cinematic Language, and the ‘Business’ of Show Business.

‘The Movie Biz’ started in 1887-88 with a ‘Mash Up:’ the convergence of George Eastman’s production of Celluloid film strips, and William Dickson & Thomas Edison’s Kinetograph. These inventions sparked an explosion of Creativity & Commerce – like it’s ubiquitous descendant: the Internet – and evolved into a two trillion dollar global Entertainment behemoth that owes it’s mind-boggling success to our love of Movies and Media. That my friends, is real Power.

As a third generation Filmmaker I’ve learned quite a few lessons over the years, and even though tastes & technology have changed, there’s one essential bit of wisdom that remains the same: Movies are forms of Universal Power. They connect to the dark energy (dark=hidden) that flows through our collective sub-conscious, and lights us up! So in this spirit of illumination, let me share my take on the three kinds of Universal Power that get Films made: The Power of Story; the Power of Personality; and The Power of the Purse (or Wallet if you prefer):

The Power of Story • Is why we Watch – No Story = No Movie – right? But you also need ‘Story Power’ to own it, which means the Story has to be ‘Sharp & Sticky:’ Sharp enough to drill down and hit psychic pay dirt; and Sticky enough to grab your Attention, Emotion & Imagination, and hold tight until the last line is read. It is the Creative Loadstone, and it’s magnetism pulls the next two Powers into action.
The Power of Personality • Is why we Care – it represents the ‘Makers’ that are inspired by your Story: the Actors, Directors Producers, Writers and Craftspeople that bring the Story to life. They translate Imagination into Action through the Alchemy of Creative Collaboration, and breathe Movie Magic into each frame. They are also the masters of ‘Creative Gravity.’ Their Artistry draws us in, and speaks to our hearts & minds of the Connectedness of all things – and Connection is everything.
The Power of the Purse • Is why we Show Up – it’s what gets Movies made & Filmmakers paid, and starts with a pitch that compares Profit Potential to Profit made from similar Movies. If your Movie is about a Sorcerer/ Space Adventurer, the pitch might be: “It’s Harry Potter meets Star Wars!” (two of the highest grossing films of all time). It’s a rough metric, but ‘Sticky’ enough to grab an executive’s Attention, and every additional element that you ‘Attach’ to your fledgeling Movie – see The Power of Personality above – makes it harder for the gatekeepers to say ‘No.’

One Power usually isn’t enough to ‘Greenlight’ a Movie – “It takes Two to Tango!” (Muchas Gracias, Astor Piazzolla!). But if your Power of Story and your Story Power are compelling enough, Powers 2 & 3 will follow; it’s all about the intuitive magic of Intention, Synchronicity and Showing Up. We’ll explore all these concepts, and more, in future posts; along with a few personal examples of Intention in Action!

Let’s start our journey with a cool Toolkit and little Cinematic backstory to hook you into the ‘Big Picture:’

Writer's toolkit

The Ultimate Writer’s* Toolkit – Chapter One  is the second post in our Creativity Series; it focuses on Writing (Scribbling), and gives you Seven Essential Tools designed to help Scribblers, Artists, and Creators of every stripe to refine their ‘Voices,’ and discover Story Nirvana .

Anatomy of a 'Creative' - Chapter One

Anatomy of a ‘Creative’ – Chapter One is the Third Post in our Creativity Series; it follows the opening chapter of my origin story as a Film & Television maker, and outlines Imaginative ‘Anatomical’ tools to increase your connection to the World of ‘Resonant Bliss.’ It also includes a mind-bending compass to help you establish solid bearings on your unique Creative Journey.

The Ultimate Writer’s* Toolkit – Chapter Two  Expands your Scribbler’s Toolkit by exploring how Ego and Presence impact Creativity, Character and Story Development; and lays out a set of Dynamic Tools that uses Presence and Awareness to Transform the Volatile Power of Ego into ‘Deep Storytelling.’ Like Chapter One, this Post is designed to help Scribblers, Artists, and Creators sharpen their Imagineering Skills to create Amazing Work, and find more Joy in their lives.

Anatomy of a ‘Creative’ – Chapter Two – In Chapter One we established that Everybody is a ‘Creative,’ and that Creativity works through us to Power Everything we Are and Do. In Chapter Two: Your ‘Creative’ Legs: What you ‘Stand on’; ‘Stand for,’ we explore the strength of your ‘Standing’ and show you how ‘Choosing to Stand,’ sets the wheels of Creativity in motion to make Everyday Magic happen.


Photo Credit: Andra Berila

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