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My name is Scott Mulvaney; I am’s resident Mystagog (i.e. Webmaster & Owner), and this site is my love letter to all of you ‘Creative’s’ out there – in other words: Everybody. I’m an experienced Professional ‘Creative’ who specializes in Writing, Filmmaking, Television and Storytelling in all mediums; and it’s a Joy to share what I’ve learned, and what I ‘Know’ with you.’s Mission is to provide you with Tools, Tips and Information designed to entertain, enlighten and boost Creativity in everything you do. The goal is to increase your unique share of Creative happiness, and help you navigate the worlds of Creativity, Film, Television, Web, Writing and Storytelling; and to empower you to be the best ‘Creative’ that you can be!

To help with the bills, we partner with Google AdSense, and other Affiliate Marketing programs, including Amazon. Just know that whenever you see a personal recommendation with a link, it’s there because I use it; appreciate it; and believe it will entertain & inspire you, like it did for me. We only get a small percentage from these sales and it doesn’t cost you more, so whenever you click on a link, think of it as a small appreciation for the site – and I promise to offer coupon codes whenever possible, to help keep your spend down.

Unless otherwise stated, all content on this site is plumbed from the swirling depths of my Personal Consciousness, but is inspired by everything & everyone that has touched my life, and shared their wisdom with me; for this I am eternally grateful. With that ‘Attitude of Gratitude’ mind, I will always strive to be transparent & honest with you to the best of my ability & knowledge.

I am a true believer in the power of the Internet to build Networks of people dedicated to making ‘Positive Change’ in our World. With Movieist, I am doing my part to fuel that ‘Change’ and add to the fun. I value our amazing online community: all the Trusted Sources, Experts, and fellow Creative’s who we connect with; and I appreciate your trust; your patience; and your participation – on and off line.

Please accept my sincere thanks for being a part of the Experience; if you ever any concerns, feel free to contact me at:

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