Top Ten

Top Ten

T he Top Ten is our version of Listomania! One of my favorite pastimes is exploring the wide ranging creative influences of my favorite Artists, filmmakers and musicians; because digging into the source material that shapes their work, provides a roadmap to help us to blaze our own Creative Trails.

Top Tens are a bird’s eye view to help you find your Center, and stay Centered. We want you to have fun exploring the Labyrinthian world of influential Content, without worrying about getting lost in all the noise, and if you have a cool list to share, email us, we’d love to post it!

Let’s start with the first list in the series:

The Perfect Cast List v.1: Leading MenTop Ten – The Perfect Cast List v.1: Leading Men   Actors are the Mystical Players who breathe life into our Movies and produce the Creative Honey that draws us couch Bears out of our Dens and into the Theaters. We all have our favorite Performers – including my Characters – so in the spirit of sharing, here’s an initial list of the Actors that my imaginary friends and I are eager to collaborate with!



Photo Credit: Eugenio Mazzone

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