Creative Gravity 2

Creative Gravity 2 – Fearless Imagination Unleashed!

I t’s time for another Creativity upgrade my fellow Imagineers. I realized this while I was fine tuning and expanding ‘The Ultimate Writer’s* Toolkit’ and hit several Power Links, that pivoted my Attention to one of my favorite Creative Gravitation Tools: Fearless Imagination.

Are you currently – or have ever been – stumped for Ideas, or experienced a drop in your ‘Creative’ output? If you said ‘Yes’ to either one, you are suffering from a ‘weak’ Creative Gravitational link to Fearless Imagination. Why do I use ‘Fearless’ Imagination, instead of ‘your’ or ‘the’ Imagination? Because ‘Fearless’ is what true Imagination is; and it will produce amazing Ideas for you to play with, if you are courageous enough to step past your ‘Fears,’ and empty your mind to it’s loving embrace.

A ll my Creative instincts, and anecdotal experiences, tell me that whenever we suffer from a ‘weak’ Gravitational Link to Imagination, it’s because we’ve adopted the faulty perception that Imagination radiates ‘from’ us; and not ‘through’ us. And yes, that the Big E(go) is probably the culprit.

It’s true that ‘Imagination is the Mother of all Ideas,’ but when we think of it, we assume that it’s more of a Pool, than a Tool: the place where our Ideas come from. I want you to re-Vision this concept and move it from the ‘General Pool’ column, and put it in the “Fearless Tool’ column. Why? Well, ‘Fearless’ is your big hint, so read on my Imaginative friend!

T he word ‘Imagination’ is based on the Old French, and derived from the Latin imaginatio(n-), from the verb imaginary ‘to picture to oneself’, from imago, imagin- ‘image’. It’s usually defined as an Ability, or Action, that forms new Ideas, Images, or Concepts not currently present. In other words: ‘The Ability to be Creative.’ I know, it’s pretty dull stuff to describe a Transcendent ‘Modus Operandi’ with ties to an insanely rich heritage of Gods, Goddesses and a Megaverse of Deep Archetypal Fireworks.

When I was a pre-teen, and spun a particularly fecund tale to cover up my adolescent misdeeds, my Nonni would often respond by yanking my bushy locks, and calling me out with a tart, “You have quite an Imagination, Scotty.” This is how most people interact with the generalized view of Imagination; as the clever veneer of our individual Creativity. Unfortunately, this view is Ego based, and just plain silly – Imagination isn’t a veneer – it’s the full grained expression of the alternate Universe of Ideas that underpins everything we Create. Sorry Nonni, I love you madly, but Imagination is bigger than the both of us.

I  know I keep asking you in these Posts to re-think terms that you’ve lived with all your life, but in the words of the brilliantly cranky T.S. Eliot (from ‘Little Gidding’ in the ‘Four Quartets’):’

We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

This quote nails both the reason why I’m asking you to re-think Imagination, and the definition of how the Fearless Imagination Tool works: To ‘See’ beyond your ‘Learned’ experience of a Person, Place or Thing and ‘Know’ it for the First Time; Revealing it’s Core Structural Essence, and using that knowledge to create a dazzling new Reality. Or simply put: “Fierce Perception + Fearless Imagination = Ideas; Ideas + Creative Action = New Reality.

So what makes Imagination a Fearless Tool? Let’s start with a Thought Experiment: You are being tracked by a ravenous Wolf pack bent on making you their Dinner Guest, and facing a Turbulent River that leads to a Deadly Waterfall. You engage Your ‘Fierce’ Perception and run through the facts: The Wolves own this side of the River; The current is too violent to swim; the Waterfall is a ‘Dead Drop’; and you lack ample wingspan to ‘Fly Over.’ Ah, what to do? Now it’s time to pull your ‘Fearless Imagination Tool’ out and start courageously ‘Visioneering.’ First, you notice the small but sturdy Axe strapped to your belt, not good enough as a weapon, but just right for ‘lite’ Lumberjacking; which provides a ‘Imaginal Link’ to scan the riverbank for the tallest tree you can find to get you halfway across. Now, your eyes light on a large, manageable piece of Driftwood shaped like a Kayak, hmmm; and finally the last piece of the puzzle – the battered lid of a old cooler – a makeshift Rudder you can use to run across the tree, launch your Kayak, and steer your ‘Hail Mary’ pass to the other side. Does it work? You decide. But Change requires Fearless Ideas, and this tale is a solid example of the Fearless Imagination Tool in Action: your unleashed Imaginal ability to ‘See Through’ the ordinary, and use it to create Ideas that change your World (Or save your delicious ‘Tuchus’ from ravenous Wolves)!

I magination uses our Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual perceptions to create ‘Ideas’ that represent a new Reality based on ‘Seeing Through’ the mundane, into the essence of matter. It’s a Primary Tool to shape your World in the same way a brush works for a painter; a lens for a photographer; or a chisel for a sculptor – it acts as a Flexible Energetic Conduit for Creative Action. I love how that rolls off the tongue, don’t you?

Now you’re asking, ‘What Does this have to do with Creative Gravity’ Mister Scott. I’m glad you circled back. Do you remember the “Push-me, Pull-You” from Dr. Dolittle, (hint: it’s :30 seconds in under Richard Attenborough’s Credit in this Clip). Well, that’s ‘Creative Gravity:’ the ‘Push me, Pull you’ of Your Wild, Untamed ‘Creative’ Menagerie. Creative Gravity ‘Power Links’ us to each other and the Collective Genius of Human Consciousness; and since Imagination is an Inherent Tool in All our kits, whenever you use it, you are hacking your Gravity upward, and increasing your magnificent connection to your fellow beings in a tug ‘o’ war where everyone wins.

N ow, for a word about ‘Belief,’ the ‘Spark’ that ignites Imagination and burns through Fear. Were not talking about a physical, intellectual, or scientific belief like ‘If I jump off this roof, I’ll break my neck;’ or an emotional, or religious belief like ‘God loves me’; No, the belief I’m talking about is the ‘MetaBelief’ that your inherent nature is to ‘Be Creative.’ You find the evidence of this throughout these Posts, and hiding in plain sight every day of your wonderful life. Own it! It’s your sacred purpose, and Expresses itself in Everything You Are & Do.

I know that staying Fearlessly Present and remaining Completely Open to whatever the Universe of Imagination provides us, is hard work. We weren’t trained for it, but heck, if it was easy, we wouldn’t appreciate so much! So if you’re struggling, look to your MetaBelief; it’s Imagination’s best friend, and your best friend too: If you Believe in it – it ‘Believes’ in you. I am a ‘True MetaBeliever’ myself, because it’s always there for me, even when I’m feeling like a anemic Slug; and you can call on it anytime to See through, and Show you the unvarnished truth. So let’s flip the old saying “Seeing is Believing,” to Believing is Seeing!”

Now we’re ready to bullet point this baby, and give you Six Steps to increase your Creative Gravity, by Unleashing your Fearless Imagination:


1. Show Up & Tell • Fearlessly Relax, take five deep breaths, and ‘Get Present.’ Empty your mind of any thoughts by moving them along as soon as they appear, until your mind realizes that you aren’t up for any of it’s distracting hijinks, and just gives it up to your magnificent oneness. (Need more Relaxation Tips? Please read my previous Creativity & Writing Posts.)

2. Fiercely Perceive it • Grab your favorite writing implements and paper, and place your focused Attention on any project, issue or problem that you want to address. Now let your deep mind wander through it, noting any ‘Strong’ reactions that come up, and writing them down; then sit for a moment with your eyes closed and get ready, Freddy.

3. Gravitate & Navigate • Move toward any feeling that is pulling you, and Visualize what it is telling, or showing you. Think of it like this: When I feel grumpy, I reach for raw cashews, why? Because feeling grumpy is my body’s way of telling me that I need protein. Creativity speaking, when you focus on any project, issue or problem, the feeling you get, leads you to the Creative Source: the glorious palace where Fearless Imagination resides.

4. Show, and then Tell • It’s Time to engage Fearless Imagination. You should be hitting Creative Source pay dirt now, so point your fully Present Consciousness at your Fearless Imaginal Links, and ask them to reveal, and show you their message. Listen closely, visualize, and write the Ideas that start flowing in, allowing them to ‘pinball’ around your Conscious mind – letting the bells, lights and flipper smacks fill you with Joy – this deepens the Gravity of the Ideas, and adds propulsive energy to them.

5. Mind the ‘Buzz Kill’ • Pay special Attention to any Physical, Intellectual, Emotional or Spiritual ‘Noise’ that shows up. This discordant energy is designed to act like the metal coating on a game of ‘Operation’; it’s low watt ‘buzzing’ warns you when you’re straying from the ‘Core Idea/s,’ and helps guide you to the successful extraction of all those Fearless Imaginative goodies.

6. Make it So, Number One • Okay, it’s time to jump to warp speed, so inject those Dilithium Crystals; Engage your Warp Engines; and use those Ideas to Create the Galaxy of your choosing – because this is no five year mission – it’s A Lifetime of Passionate Imagination!

A final Word on Fearless Imagination • Have you ever experienced the ‘double edged’ thrill of seeing one of ‘Your’ Ideas appearing in the World before you put them out there? Yep, it’s a hoot, ain’t it! But it’s also the perfect example of the Universal nature of Imagination, and the ‘I am That – there is No That’ aspect of our Magnificent Connection to the Creative Consciousness Commons. It’s also solid proof that you are syncing your Visioneering to the Creative Source, and doing Great Work!

So my fellow ‘Creative’ friend, keep on Fearlessly Imagining everything in your life, and Changing your World, one Unleashed Idea at a time. And enJoy your journey to the fullest – that’s why we’re here!

Here are a few personally Imaginative suggestions to get your Creative juices flowing:

Photo Credits, Opening: Robert Lukeman Wolf: Levi Saunders

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