“The Biz 4.0”

I ‘ve shared the fact that I’m a film brat who grew up in a working family of ‘Golden Age’ Movie & TV professionals, with experience that reached back to the Silent Film era. As part of my work-life education they connected me to a wildly diverse pool of performers, technicians and business pros who opened my eyes to how the entertainment business works. So this week I thought I’d take a moment to look back, and forward, and unpack the glittering modern media circus that I call: “The Biz 4.0.”

T his post is going to be a little Thought Experiment where I peer into the mists of time to see if I can pluck out a few futuristic gems for us to examine. My goal is to look at this brave new world full of screens, and find the uniquely human threads that link past to present, and present to future. So keep reading and enjoy the show!

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“Wild Work” – Your Purposeful Bliss in Action

W e wake up every day with a singular question roaming our consciousness: ‘What’s next?’ No matter how stoic our outlook, no matter how set in stone our daily routine, we thrill to the call of the unknown. Then an image, or idea pops into our head, the room fills with the crackling ozone of anticipation, and ready or not, we  jump in – activating a dizzying stream of synchronicity, serendipity and deep collaboration. This my friend, is ‘Wild Work’ – Your Purposeful Bliss in Action.

M any of these posts have been dedicated to helping you to reach this point; to fully inhabit the place where your creativity takes charge of imagination, and creates possibility. The next stage is fully stepping into that possibility and guiding it into reality. You are the architect & builder of Your reality, and this is the ‘Wild Work’ that you’re here to accomplish.

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