“The Biz 4.0”

I ‘ve shared the fact that I’m a film brat who grew up in a working family of ‘Golden Age’ Movie & TV professionals, with experience that reached back to the Silent Film era. As part of my work-life education they connected me to a wildly diverse pool of performers, technicians and business pros who opened my eyes to how the entertainment business works. So this week I thought I’d take a moment to look back, and forward, and unpack the glittering modern media circus that I call: “The Biz 4.0.”

T his post is going to be a little Thought Experiment where I peer into the mists of time to see if I can pluck out a few futuristic gems for us to examine. My goal is to look at this brave new world full of screens, and find the uniquely human threads that link past to present, and present to future. So keep reading and enjoy the show!

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“Thinking Big!”

I ‘ve been Thinking Big lately, pondering the why’s & wherefores of ‘Visioneering,’ and diving deep into how ‘The Intuitive Art of Creative Resonance’ transforms our quicksilver mentality into fabulous reality. I admit to being a serial visioneer, and when I’m on a roll I can riff on anything, because the flow of creative energy connects me to the intoxicating Universe of Possibility (the UP), where all ideas reside. So in that spirit of creative play, I’m going to take you on a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride into the UP, where we’ll map the territory and create a DIY, so you can joyfully engineer any Vision that your heart desires.

V isioneering is the process of building a creative vision from the initial spark of an idea, to it’s fully realized completion. It’s at the heart of every business, craft, or endeavor that humanity engages in, and provides a thrilling magnetic framework that inspires VC’s, execs, co-workers, or supporters to help us transform our ‘Big Picture’ into ‘Big Reality.’

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“Wild Work” – Your Purposeful Bliss in Action

W e wake up every day with a singular question roaming our consciousness: ‘What’s next?’ No matter how stoic our outlook, no matter how set in stone our daily routine, we thrill to the call of the unknown. Then an image, or idea pops into our head, the room fills with the crackling ozone of anticipation, and ready or not, we  jump in – activating a dizzying stream of synchronicity, serendipity and deep collaboration. This my friend, is ‘Wild Work’ – Your Purposeful Bliss in Action.

M any of these posts have been dedicated to helping you to reach this point; to fully inhabit the place where your creativity takes charge of imagination, and creates possibility. The next stage is fully stepping into that possibility and guiding it into reality. You are the architect & builder of Your reality, and this is the ‘Wild Work’ that you’re here to accomplish.

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Your ‘Fierce’ Perception – An Owner’s Manual

S eeing is perceiving; seeing is believing; seeing is knowing. You show up, stay present, open your eyes, engage your senses, and let the reality in front of you soak in, as you allow sight, sound, smell, taste & touch feed you all the data you need to fully engage with the world. But are you absolutely convinced of the completeness of the reality that you’re perceiving? And how does your ‘Fierce’ Perception (FP) fit in?!

The word fierce is from the old French fiers: ‘Fierce, brave, proud’, and from the Latin ferus: ‘Untamed.’ So your ‘Fierce’ Perception is the courageous, perceptual engine of your untamed consciousness. Why is it courageous? Keep reading my friend, because drama is anticipation, mingled with uncertainty!

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Anatomy of a 'Creative' - Chapter One

Anatomy of a ‘Creative’ – Chapter One

U nderstanding ‘Creative Anatomy’ is an essential power tool for anybody interested in filling their life with the restorative powers of resonant bliss: The supercharged connection/s between you and your world. To “Know Thyself” (gnothi seauton) is an incredible joy, and creative anatomy is a primary ‘Knowing‘ tool that speaks to the bones that support your consciousness, and frame your dynamic movement in & through life. It is also your personal Rosetta Stone, translating the impossible complexity of life into a DIY, with a practical set of instructions on how to show up with confidence!

When I hear the old saying, “It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey.” I sincerely get it. All the paths we take and choices we make, become the roadmap of our lives. But they don’t define us. We are so much more than biography, and the most sublime joys of life can be easily found in the peak experiences that reveal our inner selves.

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