“Shining Through” p2

H ave you ever had the experience of passing a mirror and catching a glimpse of yourself that feels different? You take a few steps, then stop, as that still, small voice whispers ‘go back,’ and when you do, you see something new ‘Shining Through.‘ You stare at the image and take it all in – then suddenly hear yourself asking ‘Who is this person?’

T he passionate light of our presence is constantly revealing new facets that can catch you off guard; times when your mind has to catch up with your creative spirit to really ‘see’ the deeper, more connected, you. That was my experience after writing last week’s post, so this week we’re looking right into the shine – no special glasses needed – to explore the facets that shape the brilliant diamond of our true reflection.

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Anatomy of a ‘Creative’ – Chapter Two

I was waiting for the Solar Eclipse to remind us of the celestial mechanics that drive the universe, when my creative sensors lit up and suggested that I jump back into my Anatomy of a ‘Creative’ Series. If you read ‘Anatomy of a ‘Creative’- Chapter 1′, you know that I believe everybody is a ‘Creative,’ and that creativity works through us to power everything we are and do, so welcome to Chapter Two: Your ‘Creative’ Legs: What you ‘Stand On,’ ‘Stand For,’ and the strength of your ‘Standing.’

Standing is Essential – Physically, it keeps you fit; emotionally, it keeps you strong; intellectually, it gives you perspective; and spiritually, it represents your connection to you earthly journey. And when you choose to stand, you set the wheels of creativity in motion, and make magic happen.

I ‘ve mentioned a few of the amazing folks, from Norman Lear to Ray Bradbury, et al. that I’ve ‘Stood With’ over the years, and it’s through their example that I learned what ‘Standing Up’ is all about. Throughout the long arc of their lives they developed a profound understanding that their ‘Standing’ in the world depended on how much positive creativity they shared with us; how committed they were to ‘Standing For’ the people, places, causes & beliefs that underpinned their beliefs & vision; and how solid their ‘Standing On’ reflected the collective power of our shared creative purpose.

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