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H ave you ever had the experience of passing a mirror and catching a glimpse of yourself that feels different? You take a few steps, then stop, as that still, small voice whispers ‘go back,’ and when you do, you see something new ‘Shining Through.‘ You stare at the image and take it all in – then suddenly hear yourself asking ‘Who is this person?’

T he passionate light of our presence is constantly revealing new facets that can catch you off guard; times when your mind has to catch up with your creative spirit to really ‘see’ the deeper, more connected, you. That was my experience after writing last week’s post, so this week we’re looking right into the shine – no special glasses needed – to explore the facets that shape the brilliant diamond of our true reflection.


The Wisdom of Intelligent Wandering

Last week was an odd duck, a between time. My mind kept dancing in circles, as I wandered through my thoughts in an emotional haze that was seriously blocking my inner scribbler. But in the spirit of the creative process I kept plugging away until my genius; Latin verb: genui, genitus, “to bring into being, create, produce”; finally swooped in and started slinging words and pinging totems for inspiration & validation.

When the post was finished, I kept watching John Lennon sing ‘Instant Karma,‘ and realized that whenever I play through my confusion and allow my creative genius to guide me, I always wind up with an unexpected blessing: The wisdom of self knowledge & the intelligence of how to apply it. That’s what I saw shining through John’s eyes – the reminder that every time we shine our wisdom & intelligence, we’re choosing to push through our resistance, and welcome the unknown as a friend.

“I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.” 
― C.G. Jung

So, why all the confusion?

Confusion is a symptom of resisting the unknown, and the unknown is psychic kryptonite to a ‘controlling’ mind. When we resist embracing it, we create emotional blocks that stifle our creativity, and disable our ability to take action. So if you see a spinning ball fill the screen, the only way to stop it from endlessly cycling is to train your mind to see each unknown as an opportunity. A puzzle to be solved – instead of a challenge to your ego based hegemony. The mind is a tool, and the only way to keep it sharp, is to know it’s limits and keep it free of illusion & fear.

“When I passed through the fear & pain of that seminal ‘false’ belief, my earned Wisdom left behind this Intelligent gift: When the mind confronts the Unknown without guidance, it will make up any explanation – however damaging – to escape the terror of it’s ignorance.”

Are you Ready to Rumbaaa!

Each facet of your shine is activated by exercising your intuition, awareness & attention, which means you automatically grant yourself permission to shine by showing up, and engaging in the work of living in our crazy world. Celia Cruz knew it, she was a fiery shine Goddess who really knew how to rumba, so I’m letting her music guide us into the next facet: Courage & strength.

“When people hear me sing, I want them to be happy, happy, happy. I don’t want them thinking about when there’s not any money, or when there’s fighting at home. My message is always felicidad – happiness.” 
– Celia Cruz

‘Courage & Strength’ are conjoined twin powerhouses, and nothing in the world happens without them. For me, courage, is the ability to face weighty situations; and strength, the ability to bear that weight. When you face challenges with a light heart, you forge the iron of your resolve into a compassionate ladder that invites your fellow climbers to join in. Look at Celia, the courage and strength of her shine is in every note she sings, and you can’t help dancing to it!


When my Grandfather lost his sight during WWII, my Grandmother courageously took charge and got a job in a munitions plant to support the family. It took real strength to work those exhausting shifts, raise two small children, and care for her blind husband, but she did it all with fierce love, and a powerful faith that his eyesight would return someday – and eventually it did. She was, and continues to be, my hero. And I call on her memory whenever my shine needs a boost. Look to the heroes closest to home – their grit, is your legacy.

“Everything changes once we identify with being the witness to the story, instead of the actor in it.”
Ram Dass

Tag, your Playful Creativity is It!

‘Playfulness & Creativity’ are my personal favorites of all the facets, because when they’re shining through, my world transforms into a serendipitous carnival of delight. When you shine your Playful vibe, you’re inviting unrealized dreams to take root in the rich soil of your creativity. The reflection of this facet is pure sunlight, and the more you shine it, the more your consciousness connects to the world and feeds your genius.

“I am cotton candy on a rainy day
the unrealized dream of an idea unborn.”
Nikki Giovanni

Creativity is how life flows through us, and it needs your skillful hands to shape it. Your playfulness & creativity are also the bones of your story, and they fill you and your co-creators with the power and confidence to play any game & win. When we create new realities, we give birth to our secret selves – the brilliant spirit we long to set free.

H ow do you do it? Why, naturally of course. I don’t have to tell you how to play, you’re already a master of it. All you have to do is drop your adult armor, dive into your ageless imagination, and start churning out the fun. And be sure to invite your friends, old & new, because this facet of shine loves playmates.

“Suddenly I realize, that if I stepped out of my body, I would break Into blossom.”
James Wright

Here Comes the Sun

Your ‘Warmth & Passion’ are facets that can smolder like a ember, or burn like the sun. They’re also the hot blood of purpose, and the warmth of loving intent that fires up your shine every time you act from the heart. Why heart? Because the heart is a symbol of passion and desire that loosens our resistance to change by demanding our devotion and attention – and through that devotion – allows us to tenderly embrace our creative instincts, and act on them.

“Kiss me, and you will see how important I am.” 
― Sylvia Plath

I love to smile at strangers when I walk down the street, and I usually get a smile back. Some people are surprised, some are thoughtful, some are genuinely tickled, and it’s all because I’m sharing my passion for people with the warmth of a smile. Every intentional act of connection you make is like a smile, and your passion and warmth shine through each one. So keep smiling, and the whole world will smile with you.

W hether it’s attracting a mate, building a business, raising a child, solving an intractable problem, or putting on a show, warmth & passion are always at the forefront. They drive the spiritual dynamics of imagination, activity & attraction, and fulfill our most cherished desires by burning away the brittle obstacles of alienation, and releasing our hearts to experience love and acceptance in everything & everyone we meet.

“The most beautiful and profound emotion we can experience is the sensation of the mystical. It is the sower of all true science.”
Albert Einstein

“Dying is easy, Comedy is Hard!”

English Actor Edmund Kean uttered the title of this section on his deathbed in 1883, and it’s a testament to his charming wit, and a balm to anyone who’s ever told a joke that went flat. Here in the wilds of the 21st Century ‘Humor & Charm’ have become the shining facets of the hour, and become an essential human tonic for a frazzled world full of tragedy & pain. When you shine humor, you’re telling the world ‘I recognize how absurd life can be, and I feel your pain, so let’s have a laugh.’

“Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”
Mel Brooks

After you break the ice with humor, it’s time to turn on the charm: A magical process where we look deeply into another person and really ‘see’ them. How? It’s simple. You say hello; take the time to absorb their shining presence; use your Fierce Perception to spot all the reasons why they’re so interesting; and express how much you appreciate them. So forget about all the negative ‘charming devil’ connotations of the word, just keep charming us you fabulous devil!

Over the years I’ve worked with a few bonafide comic geniuses, including Carroll O’Connor, Don Rickles and Jerry Lewis, and had the great fortune to chat with a few of my comic heroes, including Mel Brooks, John Cleese, Lucille Ball and George Carlin. The most important thing I learned from them is that comedy, like drama, arises from a clash of emotional truths; and the only difference between each truth, is the degree of absurdity involved. Drama is serious, humor is absurd. And it’s this quality that makes your humor shine with irreverent glee. Want a great example, watch ‘Better Things‘ on FX, where my comic heroine, Pamela Adlon works with her team to crack open the genre and create utter magic by showing us that humor lives in even the most ordinary circumstances.

“In the end, there is no end.” 
― Robert Lowell

“The Imperfect is our Paradise.” 

We have poet Wallace Stevens to thank for this heading and it gets to the secret heart of each shine – the Paradise of Imperfection. Like Rembrandt, every life artist knows how to find the light, but to get there, you have to remove all the filters that your mind uses to block it. So I’m finishing up this week’s post by encouraging you to look at your life as the ultimate work in progress. To appreciate the perfection of it’s imperfections; to romp in the tumbling paradise of it’s sublime gifts; and to keep your awe inspiring facets Shining Through every obstacle, because your presence is precious.

“Connection is the secret to all Success, and your Shine is the tool you use to attract all the people & resources that you need to create a Wonderful Life.”

“What we love we are.”
Robert Lowell

And now a word from our Sponsor

There are two vital reasons why I share these posts with you. The first is a commitment to follow the flow of my creative spirit wherever it leads; and the second, to offer you an eclectic collection of insights & experiences in the hope that they’ll entertain & inspire you to greater joys. Our every Act of Kindness & Connection lights our way to a more enlightened world, and it’s in this spirit that I name you ‘Helper,’ and leave you with the comforting wisdom of that giant of luminosity, Mr. Rogers:

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, “Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.” To this day, especially in times of “disaster,” I remember my mother’s words and I am always comforted by realizing that there are still so many helpers – so many caring people in this world.”
Fred Rogers

This Post is dedicated to Tom Petty, thanks for lighting the way Tom.

A few inspiring Facets I enjoyed :

Photo Credits – Main: Llywelyn Nys ; Play: Robert Collins ; Passion: Sergi Viladesau ; Humor: David Siglin ; Rembrandt: Saskia in the scene of the Prodigal Son, Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons.

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