“Words of Power”

T his morning I woke up and was suddenly struck dumb as an incredible feeling of grace flooded my body. I thought about my family and friends; my work in films, television, education & media; and even my work on these posts, as I attempted to find the source of this amazing energy. Then the epiphany burst out of me like a shower of shredded text: That every every word I think, speak, and write is a Word of Power.

G race is tool of enlightenment, a ‘Spirit Pop’ that your deep self deploys to put you in sync with the universe. Why? So you can access all the knowledge & wisdom you need to live your life to the fullest. This morning’s graceful nudge was an invitation to seek our hidden Words of Power; share their stories with you; and inspire you to engage in a little powerful wordplay of your own.

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“Shining Through” p2

H ave you ever had the experience of passing a mirror and catching a glimpse of yourself that feels different? You take a few steps, then stop, as that still, small voice whispers ‘go back,’ and when you do, you see something new ‘Shining Through.‘ You stare at the image and take it all in – then suddenly hear yourself asking ‘Who is this person?’

T he passionate light of our presence is constantly revealing new facets that can catch you off guard; times when your mind has to catch up with your creative spirit to really ‘see’ the deeper, more connected, you. That was my experience after writing last week’s post, so this week we’re looking right into the shine – no special glasses needed – to explore the facets that shape the brilliant diamond of our true reflection.

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I thought ‘WorldPlay’ would complete the ‘Mystery Train’ of thought that’s been powering the last two posts, but this week there’s a tunnel ahead, and within it’s sheltering darkness there are deeply personal truths waiting for us to discover. What do these truths say about us? And what secrets do they hold? This is where ‘ShadowPlay’ comes in, to teach us the Art of Playing in Shadow.

D esire is a series of psychic signs that burn with unrequited longing, and guide us toward the people, places, or ideas that reveal the shadow side of our identity. It’s also a warning: ‘Danger: Minefield;’ and an invitation: ‘Enter Here.’ When we choose to walk this path, we trip the emotional and psychological mines that contain the explosive truths about ourselves; and if we feel our way through them, they flense our illusions, and give us the wisdom & courage to reclaim our power.

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L ast week’s post started with a cup of dark roast, and a steaming “Mystery Train”; and this week I’m jumping back in to unpack the concept of ‘Play’. If you’ve read my ‘Be Magnificently Simple‘ post, you know I see emotion as the body’s way of signaling us that there’s ‘digging to be done & treasure to be found,’ so I’m honoring that urge by re-entering the great big creative Sandbox for some well deserved ‘WorldPlay: The Art of Playing Yourself,’ a playful spinoff of last week’s “Mystery Train.”

Y ou’ve probably guessed by now that I love playing in all kinds of Sandboxes, and basking in the imaginative freedom they offer. I even like the feel of the grains of memory & experience stuck between my toes, because they remind me that every human canvas needs a little grit to give it depth and resilience. But the best thing about Sandboxes is that they’re everywhere you look, and if you’re playing yourself’ like a Pro, you’re creating Sandboxes at home, work, and everywhere you go: That’s the essence of WorldPlay.

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Be Magnificently Simple!

S implicity is the essential state of all Beings, so it’s no wonder that it’s popular, especially now when our lives are constantly drenched in a tsunami of stuff. And I don’t just mean all the ‘Thing Stuff,’ that’s only a reflection of our interior state; I mean the ‘Thought Stuff’ that clouds our minds, and blocks our ability to directly experience the world. Most of the advice we get involves shedding physical stuff to live a simpler life, it’s helpful, but misses the mark. Simplicity is not about having too much stuff – simplicity is about ‘Being,’ and being is about connection.

M agnificent Simplicity is the awe inspiring creative framework of our existence, and my peaceful battlecry, ‘Be Simple,’ reflects the most important path to power that I can share with you. The ‘Be’ is Being: Your essential ground of existence; and ‘Simple’ is the process of staying connected to that Being, so to be Magnificently Simple – is to Simply, Be.

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Action = Your Creativity in Motion

S ince we covered Your ‘Fierce’ Perception, the next logical step is to discuss Action = Your Creativity in Motion. I’m racing to meet another deadline, but I just had to take a moment to share my thoughts with you while they’re fresh from the imaginal tree.

If you read ‘Your Creative Gravity – and how to hack it’ you already know that creativity is the act of rubbing two or more ideas together to create Action; now I want to connect and expand on that by adding ‘Your ‘Fierce’ Perception’ (FP) to the mix. Your FP starts the ball rolling by placing your attention on the Big Picture. When you follow the electric pull of the most emotionally charged of your perceptions, you’re moving toward dazzling creative opportunity. Continue reading “Action = Your Creativity in Motion”

Your ‘Fierce’ Perception – An Owner’s Manual

S eeing is perceiving; seeing is believing; seeing is knowing. You show up, stay present, open your eyes, engage your senses, and let the reality in front of you soak in, as you allow sight, sound, smell, taste & touch feed you all the data you need to fully engage with the world. But are you absolutely convinced of the completeness of the reality that you’re perceiving? And how does your ‘Fierce’ Perception (FP) fit in?!

The word fierce is from the old French fiers: ‘Fierce, brave, proud’, and from the Latin ferus: ‘Untamed.’ So your ‘Fierce’ Perception is the courageous, perceptual engine of your untamed consciousness. Why is it courageous? Keep reading my friend, because drama is anticipation, mingled with uncertainty!

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Your Creative Gravity and how to hack it!

Your Creative Gravity – and how to hack it!

T his article is part thought experiment and part DIY on the sublime joys of Creative Gravity. It’s also a primer in increasing your daily share of happiness, and how to hack it. So if your creative juices are dry, or they’re already flowing, but not as fast as you’d like, I’m going to show you how to crank the sluice gates of your imagination wide open and let de-light rush in.

Let’s get started by answering your first question: What is my Creative Gravity, and why do I need to hack it? The words, creative & gravity, already have very specific meanings to you, but I want you to drop that baggage off at the curb, and re-define creativity as: The act of rubbing two or more ideas together to create action. This means every action you take is creative, and if you judge it any other way, you’re selling its magical ability to transform your life, short. Next, gravity: The attractive force of re-actions that your creative actions receive from your fellow human beings. Continue reading “Your Creative Gravity – and how to hack it!”

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