“The Biz 4.0”

I ‘ve shared the fact that I’m a film brat who grew up in a working family of ‘Golden Age’ Movie & TV professionals, with experience that reached back to the Silent Film era. As part of my work-life education they connected me to a wildly diverse pool of performers, technicians and business pros who opened my eyes to how the entertainment business works. So this week I thought I’d take a moment to look back, and forward, and unpack the glittering modern media circus that I call: “The Biz 4.0.”

T his post is going to be a little Thought Experiment where I peer into the mists of time to see if I can pluck out a few futuristic gems for us to examine. My goal is to look at this brave new world full of screens, and find the uniquely human threads that link past to present, and present to future. So keep reading and enjoy the show!

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“The Art of Re-Invention”

I f you’ve been perusing these posts you may have noticed that I’ve been busy exploring creativity, power, memory and story, and now that I have a moment to pause between pilot drafts, I thought I’d tackle “The Art of Re-Invention.” So let me play Virgil to your Dante, as we wing our way from Inferno to Paradiso, and re-boot how to look at Re-Invention.

W hy ‘Re-Invention’ and not just ‘reinvention?’ Because reinvention is a craft, a gradual process that shapes identity by adding and subtracting all the day to day influences received from family, friends, co-workers, and the media that we consume. But Re-Invention is an Art, because it is a psychological & spiritual process that requires our complete attention and focus on the essential beliefs that drive us; and a commitment to alter any belief that blocks the free flow of our creative expression & will.

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“The Magnificent”

I just love the word, ‘Magnificent.’ Say it, and listen as it tumbles through the air like an Olympic acrobat and sticks a landing in your consciousness. I once attended a workshop on breaking through your emotional blocks to live a more fulfilling life, and the facilitator asked us to hold the ‘possibility’ of living a magnificent life in the forefront of our minds. Then he asked us to picture what that ‘magnificence’ looked like. At first I thought about the usual stuff – nice house, loving family, successful work – and then I started seeing the faces of all the amazing role models I’ve known, and realized that Magnificence isn’t about what you have, it’s about who you are.

“Magnificence is The Starry Night of your indomitable spirit, the swirling baseline of your miraculous consciousness, and the luminous sky of your creative potential. You, my friend, are The Magnificent!”

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“Words of Power”

T his morning I woke up and was suddenly struck dumb as an incredible feeling of grace flooded my body. I thought about my family and friends; my work in films, television, education & media; and even my work on these posts, as I attempted to find the source of this amazing energy. Then the epiphany burst out of me like a shower of shredded text: That every every word I think, speak, and write is a Word of Power.

G race is tool of enlightenment, a ‘Spirit Pop’ that your deep self deploys to put you in sync with the universe. Why? So you can access all the knowledge & wisdom you need to live your life to the fullest. This morning’s graceful nudge was an invitation to seek our hidden Words of Power; share their stories with you; and inspire you to engage in a little powerful wordplay of your own.

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“Quiet Power”

I  just finished the first draft of a TV Pilot, and while I was pounding away; focusing on the flow and tuning out the cacophony of weekly horrors; I became obsessed with the idea of ‘Quiet Power’ (QP). It started when one of my characters whispered directly to me: ‘Quiet Power builds unity, Raw Power destroys trust. One is a celebration of life, the other a glorification of death.’ Which lead me to the sublime thought at the heart of this post, that we are all immensely powerful beings.

T his week we’re going to ‘feel the power,’ explore how we use it, and discuss the ‘types’ of power and how they work through us to ‘Drive the Green Fuse‘ as Dylan Thomas brilliantly put it. So let’s empty our minds of any preconceived notions, and hit the switch – it’s time to power on!

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“Shining Through” p2

H ave you ever had the experience of passing a mirror and catching a glimpse of yourself that feels different? You take a few steps, then stop, as that still, small voice whispers ‘go back,’ and when you do, you see something new ‘Shining Through.‘ You stare at the image and take it all in – then suddenly hear yourself asking ‘Who is this person?’

T he passionate light of our presence is constantly revealing new facets that can catch you off guard; times when your mind has to catch up with your creative spirit to really ‘see’ the deeper, more connected, you. That was my experience after writing last week’s post, so this week we’re looking right into the shine – no special glasses needed – to explore the facets that shape the brilliant diamond of our true reflection.

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“Mystery Train”

T his morning I woke up groggy from my staccato dream life, and French pressed a heady cup o’ Alma de Tierra as the orange sun rose over the valley. I wondered when the next post would pop into my head, and as I poured the dark brew into my cup, I saw the image of a train emerge from the steam: a ‘Mystery Train,‘ then Paul Butterfield & The Band started rocking in the back of my mind.

B efore I share more, let me give you a hint about what this post is all about. The ‘Mystery Train’ is memory, an immortal line of carriages full of all the people you’ve ever met, never met, thought of, know now, and will meet again – and they’re all just waiting for you to sit down for a chat. So climb onboard and settle in for a little ride on the Mystery Train, as we’ll explore the roots of story, character, and experience.

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What's in a Story

What’s in a Story?

A hhh story. Like most of us, I grew up thinking stories were what you read or watched, and thought of them as entertainment, a fun way to pass the time. As the only child of ‘busy’ adults, I devoured them and developed an urge to scribble my own, without realizing – until much later – that my creative muse was giving me a tool to know myself, and with that knowing, decipher the story of everything.

E verywhere you look, corporate story engines are influencing billions of people and raking in trillions of dollars in the process; crowding our devices like an aggressive gaggle of garrulous Carny Hawkers desperate to sell us everything from toothpaste, to ideology, to hookups. My goal here is  to play through all that noise, and help you understand & master the universal ‘What’s’ in every story – because these ‘What’s,’ are at the heart of your own high-powered story engine.

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The Ultimate Writer’s* Toolkit – Chapter 2

W elcome back scribblers! I’m in between drafts, and was inspired to jump into The UWT C2 while the perspiration & inspiration are fresh. I just had a call with a dear friend and I marveled at her tenacity, and willingness to move past the ‘E’ and into the ‘CC’ – the ‘E’ being Ego, and the ‘CC’ Connected Creativity. If you’ve been perusing my posts, you may be growing weary of hearing me expound on the many juicy delights of getting out of your own way, so I decided to go really, really big, and show you how to re-purpose ego by using ‘Presence’ to expand your Ultimate Scribbler’s Toolkit!

B ut Scott! You just said we have to move past the ‘E,’ absolutely correct! But moving past it, doesn’t mean that it evaporates like a bad dream. Ego, when applied properly, is a scribbler’s delight. How? Well, I hate to annoy the enlightened souls out there, but stripping the world of ego, also strips it of conflict, and conflict my dear scribblers, is the lifeblood of all fiction. Without it we would sit around the maypole in blissful satiety, singing ‘Kumbaya’ ’till the cows came home. So today we’re going to put ego in it’s proper place and practice using it the way it was intended, to help us build powerful stories.

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Action = Your Creativity in Motion

S ince we covered Your ‘Fierce’ Perception, the next logical step is to discuss Action = Your Creativity in Motion. I’m racing to meet another deadline, but I just had to take a moment to share my thoughts with you while they’re fresh from the imaginal tree.

If you read ‘Your Creative Gravity – and how to hack it’ you already know that creativity is the act of rubbing two or more ideas together to create Action; now I want to connect and expand on that by adding ‘Your ‘Fierce’ Perception’ (FP) to the mix. Your FP starts the ball rolling by placing your attention on the Big Picture. When you follow the electric pull of the most emotionally charged of your perceptions, you’re moving toward dazzling creative opportunity. Continue reading “Action = Your Creativity in Motion”

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